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 Scales of Justice

I don't spend all my time interviewing world famous athletes.  I am also a dedicated personal injury lawyer working out of the Pacific Northwest.

Since 1997, I've represented my clients to help achieve their goals in a variety of cases. I take pride in connecting with people and working on their individual needs in each case. 

From the moment I started school at the University of Washington, I became engrossed in my studies. School wasn't just about getting good grades or graduating. It was also about building a solid, practical foundation of political and legal knowledge. My subjects of study fascinated me, and I couldn't wait to learn all that I could.

Today, I guess you could say that I'm as eager to learn as ever. I still strive to keep a versatile knowledge base when it comes to law and current events in general. The way I see it, studying current events is a way to gain insight into the world around me. I remain a member of the Washington State Bar Association and an Eagle member of the Washington State Association for Justice. 

By staying up-to-date and active in Seattle's legal community, I feel well-equipped to continue finding the best possible remedies for my clients — no matter what kind of case they bring forward. Not only that, but I find the work just plain fascinating.

Being a third-generation lawyer, the son of the late trial lawyer Barry Schneiderman, makes me passionate about my work. Being a Seattle native makes me passionate about the people I help.

If you need representation or legal consulting don't hesitate to contact me on my website at

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